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Books and Churches

Yesterday a parcel arrived for me; a recent eBay acquisition. I’d managed to track down a Hamlyn Children’s Bible – just like the one I had as a child. (Well, minus the gaffa-tape….) I’d given my original one to my older two daughters a few years ago, and it’s long been out of print so finding one in reasonable condition was quite lucky.

I’m planning to read it through thoroughly, the way I did as a child; and maybe I’ll be able to recapture the unquestioning faith I had as a child. I think last time I tried to go down this road, I was too much concerned with the how rather than the why; this time I shall concentrate on the why and let the how reveal itself in time.

I’ve been having rather less luck tracking down a copy of the book Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, which is the collected letters of Mother Teresa to her confessors. Mother Teresa endured a 40-year “dark night of the soul”, but though she lost her faith she never lost belief. I’m hoping I will find some comfort in her words and perhaps some measure of understanding.

It’s “Back to Church Sunday” this Sunday at St.Mary’s; I’m looking forward to it. I wanted to go to the evening service last Sunday but unfortunately the baby was not having a good day so I wasn’t able to get away. The service on Sunday will be children-friendly however.

I’ve been looking also at the website for Our Lady & St.George, the Catholic church nearby. We can hear the Angelus being rung each noon from the church, and I’m considering popping along there for one of the morning Masses to see how welcoming it feels. The church building doesn’t have the age and history of St.Mary’s, so I’m interested to see how they build a proper sense of ritual in such a modern building.


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2 thoughts on “Books and Churches

  1. Dear Arcady,
    so good to read your story, you alluded to a few things when I was over and it is good to understand more. How interesting that a few words I couldn’t remember until I read your blog should have made that huge difference!

    The dream with someone trying to take Freda out of your arms was interesting; I have often prayed for her protection because of your involvement in Wicca.

    It might be a good idea to actually renounce the occult teachings you no longer believe in and invite Jesus Christ to come in along with the Holy Spirit and take their place. Ask him to remove anything spiritual that troubles you and he will do it. The spiritual world understands that Jesus of Nazareth is the one they must obey when challenged.


    Posted by Helen | Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 11:51 am


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