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Match It For Pratchett

This post is nothing to do with faith, but everything to do with a cause very close to my heart: Alzheimer’s research.
Funding for Alzheimer’s research in this country is ridiculously poor; only 3% of that for cancer research, and yet there are nearly as many sufferers of Alzheimer’s as there are for cancer – and it is estimated that the number of people with Alzheimer’s will double within a generation. The Alzheimer’s Research Trust currently has to turn down two out of every three applications for research grants; up to now, only £11 is spent on UK research into Alzheimer’s for every person affected by the disease, compared with £289 for cancer patients.
Alzheimer’s research is a matter that is particularly important to me, as the shadow of Alzheimer’s is something I face in my own future. Both my maternal grandparents suffered from Alzheimer’s, and my paternal grandmother is struggling with it now. Research has shown there is a genetic component to Alzheimer’s, and I am well aware that at some point in the future I, too, may well develop Alzheimer’s.
As you may have read in the news recently, author Terry Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of Alzheimer’s. He has been doing much to help publicize the Alzheimer’s Research Trust – which in turn has led to “Match It For Pratchett“.
The premise behind “Match It For Pratchett” is simple; Terry Pratchett has donated £500,000 ($1million) of his own money to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust to help fund research into Alzheimer’s. We, the fans, match it – if 500,000 fans pledge just £1 each, we can equal his donation.
I’m trying to help in my own way by auctioning off an antique violin on eBay; 20% of the proceeds of the sale will be going to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. By doing this I am, in a very real sense, making an investment for the future – mine, as well as Terry Pratchett’s. Please consider making a donation or bidding on this auction, or pass on the link. Every little helps.

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