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First Communion

Following my baptism at Pentecost, I took my first Communion on Sunday 18th. I had been looking forward to this very much, but I was also rather nervous as I had never taken Communion before! I was sitting with Carol, the Bishop’s wife, and just before we both went up I suddenly realised I had no idea if there was anything I was supposed to say when receiving it! Carol reassured me that all I need say is a simple “Amen” when presented with the chalice or bread however.

I went over to the South Altar (which used to be called the Thorne Chapel), where the non-alcoholic wine was being served, and David Baker – one of my two sponsors at my baptism – was the cup-bearer. It meant a great deal to me that my first Communion was served to me by David; it was like being welcomed into the congregation fully all over again.

I took non-alcoholic wine, as I have an allergy to red wine. It appears to be the tannin content that I am sensitive to, as too much tea has a similar effect; however I also went to the BCW Communion service on Wednesday which usually is quite a small gathering, and I thought it unlikely that Simon would have prepared a second chalice of non-alcoholic wine so I took an antihistamine before I went. That, plus taking a tiny sip, thankfully meant that I didn’t have a reaction to the wine (although my lips did tingle briefly afterwards – I suspect that was due to the strength of the wine though). Hopefully this means I will be able to attend Communion services without having to worry about whether there is an alternative to the regular Communion wine.


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