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Holy Spirit

Easter marked my return to the church, and – barring last week (when it just seemed everything was happening at once and I didn’t get a chance to draw breath and sit down till gone 9pm on Thursday) –  the midweek group at the Bakers’. Freda has been a little unsettled; she’s grown unused to the old Sunday routine and she’s having to readjust again.

Today I decided to sit near the back by the soft play area, and Freda was much happier and better behaved, which meant I was more relaxed and better able to pay attention to what was going on – which I was glad about, because David Baker was doing the sermon. The church is starting a new sermon series about the Holy Spirit, seeking to explore and understand further.

By interesting coincidence, With a Song in my Heart posted recently about the Holy Trinity, including the place of the Holy Spirit within It. She describes a simple explanation she received:

  • The Father is the Mind of God.
  • The Son is the Body of God.
  • The Holy Spirit is the Soul of God.

Just as a human is not merely the sum of disparate parts, but one unified being, so is God one unified Being.

I have started to keep a paper journal, writing down thoughts and ideas together with phrases from scripture or other writings that strike a chord with me, which in turn will hopefully give me further “food for thought”.


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One thought on “Holy Spirit

  1. Dear Arkady,
    Glad you and Freda are going to Church again and that the topic is the Holy Spirit. What an interesting way to explain the functions of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit’s role is to ‘teach us all truth’, remind us of everything that Jesus taught and draw us closer to both Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m sure you will learn lots from the series that will help you in your quest for a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Posted by Helen | Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 3:26 pm

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