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Parental Worry

The past week’s normal routine has been thrown entirely up in the air and topsy-turvey; last Sunday Freda started vomiting, soon developing diarrhea. She’d picked up a case of viral gastroenteritis. She couldn’t keep anything down or in. It’s a good job that I’m still breastfeeding her (yes, at nearly 2 years old!) because breastmilk and water were the only things she’d take, and breastfeeding was also a comfort.

She wouldn’t settle for lying on the sofa or in bed though – she wanted to be held 24/7, which rather restricted what I could do. We ended up having to eat takeaway and ready meals a few nights in a row, as I was too busy with Freda to cook, though my partner David and my 14-year-old daughter Kathy both chipped in to help with the cooking too whilst my eldest, Dani, was on dishwashing duty.

I took Freda to see the GP on Friday and he confirmed that there was really nothing to do except keep her hydrated and just wait it out; typically, once she’d seen the GP she started to improve anyway – and beyond one spectacular nappy explosion yesterday morning, she’s been back to normal since. However I decided to keep her at home this morning instead of going to church, just to be on the safe side – both in case of a reoccurance and in order to avoid passing on her bug to anyone else at church.

She’s pretty much back to normal now – which means she’s full of energy and eager to go out and play, whilst everyone else is exhausted from looking after her and the worry that goes with having a sick toddler! We’re all very glad that it looks like she’ll be well enough to enjoy her birthday on Tuesday; my little baby is going to be 2! She’s grown up so fast. 🙂


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