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Swine flu again

Not Freda this time, but me. I’m spending a lot of time asleep in between doses of painkillers and Tamiflu. David and the girls are all being wonderful taking it in turns to keep Freda occupied and the house running, so I can get the rest I need to get over the flu. Thank goodness it’s the school holidays!

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that David doesn’t get it.


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Genderqueer artist, singer, musician, writer, tailor, mead-mazer and doll crafter living in Walthamstow, NE London. Periodically develop obsessions with various topics; currently it's Paganini, previously Ancient Greece and Alexander the Great, but also fascinated by Ancient Egypt and Romano-British culture. Christo-Pagan.


One thought on “Swine flu again

  1. So sorry you, Freda and Kathy have caught the swine flu — what a nasty little beasty! Hope you are all well again soon and Freda’s dad doesn’t catch it too.

    Did you hear the news that a pig farm in New South Wales, Australia has been infected with swine flu — the pigs caught the germ from humans who didn’t stay home when ill. Apparently no risk through the food if anyone eats the pork, but all in quarantine at present of course.

    Hope you are feeling better in other ways too, Arkady. I am very pleased to see the change in colour of your blog, from black back to white. Although no doubt changed for very different reasons, it is a direct benefit to myself as I can read and write on it much more easily! I hope it also denotes a lifting of the inner blackness that seemed to beset you in the last few months. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. Helen

    Posted by Helen | Sunday, August 2, 2009, 3:06 pm

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