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A Personal Update

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here of any real length, and quite a lot has happened over the past few months that I haven’t gotten around to writing about here – mainly because I was too preoccupied with what was going on at the time to actually write about it.

Overall, life is looking generally more positive than it has been for some time; David finally landed a job working as Unix computer admin for the BMJ and has been there over a month  now. He’s settled in well and is enjoying his work.

The teens are doing well at their respective educational establishments and are looking forward to Christmas – as, indeed, are we all this year. It’s looking like it will be a good one.

Freda’s appointment at the Royal Hospital for her teeth finally came through; about a year ago, she had a tumble and chipped her top two second incisors. We were told at the time that she would need treatment under sedation but they couldn’t do this until she was 2, at which point she was referred to the Royal Hospital in Whitechapel and put on the waiting list. Unfortunately by the time they were able to treat her, decay had set in to the two damaged teeth plus the first incisors as well, and in total 6 teeth had to be extracted under general anaesthetic, poor mite. She’s recovered well though, and she likes to grin cheekily at people and show off her “vampire fangs” (her canines are fine)! Her speech is coming on in leaps and bounds too. 🙂

Housemate L went to Australia back in May, shortly after Freda’s birthday, and has now confirmed that she won’t be coming back.

After a long time on the waiting list (over 4 years in total since my original referral), I have finally started seeing a therapist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. With the Universe’s typical irony, ths comes at a time when things are looking up and my depression is pretty much under control and I feel happy and optimistic about my future! I know only too well though that the next bout of depression could be lurking just around the next corner, and so I am happy to take on board all the tools being offered by therapy to help me hold it off and deal with it when it rears its ugly head once more.

The only area of my life in which matters are still not settled is, sadly, my spiritual life.  I recently confided to a good friend that I felt rather like a wild creature such as a wolf who is mesmerised by the fire and comes creeping close at night to sit for a while by the firelight before creeping away once more;  not entirely a creature of the wild like the other wolves, but not a tame pet either – neither wholely in one world or the other, but somewhere in between. That rather sums up my attendance at church lately too; I’m afraid I am very much the “prodigal daughter”.

This journey of faith is very much an uphill path, rocky and uneven, tiring and demanding.  I have a long way to go yet.


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