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Flashmob Evensong at St Pauls-in-the-Camp

If you live in London, you may well be aware of the Occupy London campaign which attempted to occupy Paternoster Square in front of the London Stock Exchange. Unable to get access to the square due to a last-minute injunction, they instead began demonstrating in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. Following an attempt by the police to kettle the peaceful protesters, they set up camp there and have been there ever since.

Whilst initially the clergy at St Paul’s were welcoming and supportive of the OccupyLSX demonstrators, their stance has changed as the presence of the camp has been deterring visitors and worshippers at the cathedral, leading to a decision to close the cathedral.

Last Sunday, Kathryn Rose (author of the blog Artsy Honker organised a flashmob Evensong in front of St Paul’s for those who were denied Evensong due to the closure of the cathedral. It was an immense success, and as a result she has organised another one for this evening.

All the details are on her blog post. Presently 26 people (including myself – I’ll be singing tenor, as we already have 6 altos!) have pledged to form an impromptu choir for the anthem and sing the ferial responses, and the service will use the Book of Common Prayer. There is a copy of the Liturgy to be used here. Kathryn will cantor if there are no clergy there who are willing/able to do so.

We will be meeting at 5pm in front of Marks & Spencers for a 5:15pm start, though we may have to move (e.g. if we are obstructing the pavement due to numbers).

If the cathedral has reopened in time for the service then we will join them – if not, perhaps we will see you there!


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