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Summer Solstice

For some reason, a lot of people on my Facebook friends list seem to have been under the impression that the Summer Solstice was today. They’re being somewhat premature; it’s not until tomorrow. 16:39 UTC tomorrow, to be precise (that’s 5:39pm British Summer Time). Advertisements

Good Friday Evening

This evening’s service at St Mary’s was one of quiet contemplation and reflective music. It featured the debut of “Seven Last Words” by Jonathan Rathbone; seven pieces centred around Christ’s last words on the cross. Taking words from Hymns Ancient and Modern, Jonathan wrote seven original pieces of music set for SSA choir. Each piece … Continue reading

Maundy Thursday

It’s rare these days that I get to experience a service from the point of view of the congregation – to just be “part of the throng”, as it were. I’ve been part of the music ministry team for a little over a year now, usually leading sung worship up front along with Deborah, and … Continue reading

Good Friday Evening Service

The Good Friday Evening Service at St Mary’s will feature the premiere of “The Seven Last Words from the Cross” by Jonathan Rathbone,‚Äč written for SSA choir, flute, oboe, bass and piano. 7pm, Friday 3rd April, St Mary’s Church, Church End, Walthamstow, E17 4BD. All welcome.

Positions, Music and Discernment

St Mary’s had their AGM yesterday morning during the morning service. The two church wardens had reached the end of their 6-year terms and had been due to step down at the AGM, but in light of the fact we’re just coming out of the interregnum and the new vicar has not yet formally been … Continue reading

The end of the Interregnum

(OK, yes, I know that technically the C of E doesn’t call it that any more and we use the term “vacancy”, but I like the old forms and terms, dammit! I also prefer the BCP over CW, because I’m weird like that.) Since the Reverend Simon Heathfield departed St Mary’s last Autumn to take … Continue reading

The Modern Myth of Eostre (or: no, the Christians didn’t nick it from the Pagans)

Over on Patheos there’s a wonderful interview with an old friend of mine, Adrian Bott – better known online as Cavalorn. Cavalorn is a children’s author (responsible for, amongst other things, the Dan Hunter line of books), occult historian and the former proprietor of (the late, lamented) New Aeon Books in Manchester who has made … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s and Anger

Sir Terry Pratchett died today; the Alzheimer’s he was diagnosed with 8 years ago – his “embuggerance”, as he liked to term it – finally catching up with him at last and stealing him away from us at a far-too-young 66. I was in a very busy cafe with my 7-year-old daughter when I read … Continue reading

Some Other Fool’s Cause

It was in the springtime the call came to war But Tommy cared nothing for some other fool’s cause Still the money was good for a working man’s pay So to pay for the rent my dear Tom went away.   So it’s off to the war he has gone Lord bring him home safely … Continue reading

Urgent: Home needed for husky-cross dog.

This is Alba. She belongs to my daughter Kathy, but unfortunately Kathy cannot keep her – and sadly, though we’ve been fostering Alba, nor can we as my partner David is sadly allergic to dogs so we desperately urgently need to find a new home for her ASAP. None of the husky rescues can help … Continue reading

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