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Summer Solstice

For some reason, a lot of people on my Facebook friends list seem to have been under the impression that the Summer Solstice was today. They’re being somewhat premature; it’s not until tomorrow. 16:39 UTC tomorrow, to be precise (that’s 5:39pm British Summer Time). Advertisements

Maundy Thursday

It’s rare these days that I get to experience a service from the point of view of the congregation – to just be “part of the throng”, as it were. I’ve been part of the music ministry team for a little over a year now, usually leading sung worship up front along with Deborah, and … Continue reading

Some Other Fool’s Cause

It was in the springtime the call came to war But Tommy cared nothing for some other fool’s cause Still the money was good for a working man’s pay So to pay for the rent my dear Tom went away.   So it’s off to the war he has gone Lord bring him home safely … Continue reading

Calling Good Samaritans

A plea from one of my daughters, who is trying to raise money for charity. She’s hit a snag: she’s raised the money, but is having issues getting that money paid into her MyDonate page: “Calling all good samaritans! This year I’m going to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, but to do that I need to … Continue reading

Death of Faith (Arkady Rose, 2001)

Father above Mother below Who can I trust? Where do I go from here – a dream of darkness dream of night dreams of blood and candlelight dreams of blood and razors dreams of blood and fire dreams of rats and insanity but always just out of reach. I pierce my wrists with nails self-crucifixion, … Continue reading

Christos Anesti!

But for the Grace of God

The basic, central tenet of Christianity, it can be argued, is that God was incarnated as a living human being in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ, that He could live amongst us, be one of us, experience life as one of us – and ultimately die as one of us, for us. It’s … Continue reading

A thought

Man is not saved by faith or works alone (Ephesians 2:8-10). What if one’s motivation is not salvation, but simply that faith and good work seem the only natural and right thing to do?

A Dark Night

They say that the night seems darkest just before the dawn. They also say that pride comes before a fall. Time does not record who these mysterious “they” are; undoubtedly different authors in both cases, and yet the sayings persist – cliches, yes, but only because the test of time has made them so. Last … Continue reading

Last Sunday before Advent/Winter Solstice

David, my partner, thought I ought to go to church today. So I did. I wished I hadn’t. It was like a bad episode of “the Vicar of Dibley”. And the music was a complete farce; one of the hymns was an upbeat “modern” hymn that no-one actually knew the words or music to, and … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

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