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A thought

Man is not saved by faith or works alone (Ephesians 2:8-10). What if one’s motivation is not salvation, but simply that faith and good work seem the only natural and right thing to do? Advertisements

Praying for onesself?

I’ve been steadily building up my prayer life since Lent, to the point now where I have a regular routine of prayer. I have an hour set aside at night during which I say the Rosary then read through the Evening Office (from here), followed by prayers for other people. I keep a Prayer Journal, … Continue reading

Baptism at Pentecost

I could not have asked for a more perfect day upon which to be baptised. Pentecost dawned clear, warm and bright, and we were all up early this morning to greet the day. I couldn’t quite manage to drink my customary second cup of coffee for the nervous butterflies in my tummy which were somersaulting … Continue reading

Books and Churches

Yesterday a parcel arrived for me; a recent eBay acquisition. I’d managed to track down a Hamlyn Children’s Bible – just like the one I had as a child. (Well, minus the gaffa-tape….) I’d given my original one to my older two daughters a few years ago, and it’s long been out of print so … Continue reading


Every day, I’m getting more and more little signs that I made the right decision. I had another early in the morning last Saturday; I woke up from a disturbing dream in which someone I couldn’t see was trying to take my baby girl out of my arms and steal her away whilst I slept. … Continue reading

The Present

So we come to the here and now, the present. For twenty years I’ve been going through crisis of faith after crisis of faith; constantly questioning my chosen faith, the pendulum swinging wildly again. Every time I think my mind is finally settled and resolved, it swings again. A couple of years back I was … Continue reading

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