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The Modern Myth of Eostre (or: no, the Christians didn’t nick it from the Pagans)

Over on Patheos there’s a wonderful interview with an old friend of mine, Adrian Bott – better known online as Cavalorn. Cavalorn is a children’s author (responsible for, amongst other things, the Dan Hunter line of books), occult historian and the former proprietor of (the late, lamented) New Aeon Books in Manchester who has made … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s and Anger

Sir Terry Pratchett died today; the Alzheimer’s he was diagnosed with 8 years ago – his “embuggerance”, as he liked to term it – finally catching up with him at last and stealing him away from us at a far-too-young 66. I was in a very busy cafe with my 7-year-old daughter when I read … Continue reading

Urgent: Home needed for husky-cross dog.

This is Alba. She belongs to my daughter Kathy, but unfortunately Kathy cannot keep her – and sadly, though we’ve been fostering Alba, nor can we as my partner David is sadly allergic to dogs so we desperately urgently need to find a new home for her ASAP. None of the husky rescues can help … Continue reading

Alpha at St Mary’s

Before I start, I would just like to stress that what follows are my personal views and observations on the Alpha Course materials. They in no way represent the views of the volunteers and ministry team members currently running Alpha Course at St Mary’s, nor do they reflect upon how I feel about said members … Continue reading

Flash Evensong

Last Wednesday I was part of something very special; something I’ve never done before, in more ways than one. Doubtless by now many readers will have seen the news reports on the news, in papers or heard on the radio that on Wednesday evening, a group of more than 30 singers congregated outside St Paul’s … Continue reading

A Love Affair with the Flute

I first learned to play the flute in the first year of secondary school. At the open evening for prospective students and their parents, I’d been handed a piece of paper that had a list of musical instruments; I had to tick the one that I wanted to learn how to play. I’d learned recorder … Continue reading

Hornchurch Passion Play: You’re Getting It Wrong

This evening, whilst on our way to morris-dancing practice (Royal Liberty Morris in Hornchurch), my eldest daughter and I were greeted by the sight of a Passion play taking place in the car park of the Queen’s Theatre on Billet Road. It was quite the spectacle – mainly due to the hideous amounts of Fail … Continue reading

Goodness Direct: not so good.

The following is reposted with permission from Elettaria; the original post can be found here. Being on a fairly restricted diet, for years I’ve been using the specialist online retailer Goodness Direct. After a while, I noticed this statement on their site. Back in the 70’s a group of Christian friends decided to get together, … Continue reading

Under a dark cloud

The past few weeks have been characterised by feeling as though I were sitting under a dark cloud. K brought home some variety of virus shortly after the start of the new term that promptly hit David, Freda and I. He and Freda had the more flu-like symptoms, whereas I had the cold from hell … Continue reading

Guardian newspaper gagged from reporting Parliament

London solicitors Carter-Ruck, who specialise in suing the media for clients (who include individuals or global corporations), have actually gagged the Guardian newspaper from reporting Parliamentary proceedings on legal grounds which appear to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the 1688 Bill of Rights. It’s apparently about the question highlighted in red, … Continue reading

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