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Alpha at St Mary’s

Before I start, I would just like to stress that what follows are my personal views and observations on the Alpha Course materials. They in no way represent the views of the volunteers and ministry team members currently running Alpha Course at St Mary’s, nor do they reflect upon how I feel about said members … Continue reading

Goodness Direct: not so good.

The following is reposted with permission from Elettaria; the original post can be found here. Being on a fairly restricted diet, for years I’ve been using the specialist online retailer Goodness Direct. After a while, I noticed this statement on their site. Back in the 70’s a group of Christian friends decided to get together, … Continue reading

“Just Looking”

So, come Wednesday evening, and it’s the first meeting of the “Just Looking” group. There are four of us, plus Jackie and her husband David who is leading this group. We started by introducing ourselves in turn and explaining what had led each of us to this point, over tea and coffee and slices of … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

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David has been writing a book about Bitcoin and asked me to come up with something for cover art. The brief was "frightened businessman, 50s pulp style". It's not a style I've ever tried before, I must say. This is my first effort; it's not quite right, s

Colour-corrected version of my selfie.

Experimental art card foiled in red and gold.

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