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Good Friday Evening

This evening’s service at St Mary’s was one of quiet contemplation and reflective music. It featured the debut of “Seven Last Words” by Jonathan Rathbone; seven pieces centred around Christ’s last words on the cross. Taking words from Hymns Ancient and Modern, Jonathan wrote seven original pieces of music set for SSA choir. Each piece … Continue reading

Maundy Thursday

It’s rare these days that I get to experience a service from the point of view of the congregation – to just be “part of the throng”, as it were. I’ve been part of the music ministry team for a little over a year now, usually leading sung worship up front along with Deborah, and … Continue reading

The end of the Interregnum

(OK, yes, I know that technically the C of E doesn’t call it that any more and we use the term “vacancy”, but I like the old forms and terms, dammit! I also prefer the BCP over CW, because I’m weird like that.) Since the Reverend Simon Heathfield departed St Mary’s last Autumn to take … Continue reading

Reflections on Confirmation

I was Confirmed at St Mary’s in Walthamstow last month, on Sunday November 10th – Remembrance Sunday. The following is the piece I wrote for the parish magazine. I was baptised as an adult at Pentecost on Sunday, May 11th, 2008. It was the logical next step after having attended the “Just Looking” group run … Continue reading


I was Confirmed this morning at St Mary’s of Walthamstow by the Right Reverend David Hawkins, Bishop of Barking, during the Remembrance Sunday service; five years after being baptised at St Mary’s at Pentecost, 2008. I have stepped through another gate on my journey of faith.

“Occupy” is not a faith movement

You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m about to get all political again. There have been a number of blog posts and news articles – such as this one by Tom Hodgkinson in the Independent – recently referring to the Occupy movement (here in the UK, at least) as being “fundamentally Christian”. OccupyLondon have posted … Continue reading

Flash Evensong

Last Wednesday I was part of something very special; something I’ve never done before, in more ways than one. Doubtless by now many readers will have seen the news reports on the news, in papers or heard on the radio that on Wednesday evening, a group of more than 30 singers congregated outside St Paul’s … Continue reading

Flashmob Evensong at St Pauls-in-the-Camp

If you live in London, you may well be aware of the Occupy London campaign which attempted to occupy Paternoster Square in front of the London Stock Exchange. Unable to get access to the square due to a last-minute injunction, they instead began demonstrating in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. Following an attempt by the … Continue reading

St Mary’s in the Autumn Mist

St Mary’s as seen from Vinegar Alley shortly after 3pm today as the evening mist began to descend.

Understanding vs conversion

St Mary’s in Walthamstow are going to be hosting an MBU on Sunday 19th September; that’s a Meeting for Better Understanding between Christians and Muslims. It will involve two speakers, one Muslim and one Christian, each speaking on the subject of Jesus in the Quran and Jesus in the Bible respectively. It will be followed … Continue reading

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