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Ordination Day

This morning, Ken Ashton – the new curate who started at St.Mary’s a year ago – was ordained along with 5 others as priests by the Right Reverend David Hawkins, Bishop of Barking and Chelmsford, at St.Mary’s. I haven’t been attending services recently, just the Bible study group round at the Bakers’ (a little quiet … Continue reading

A Dark Night

They say that the night seems darkest just before the dawn. They also say that pride comes before a fall. Time does not record who these mysterious “they” are; undoubtedly different authors in both cases, and yet the sayings persist – cliches, yes, but only because the test of time has made them so. Last … Continue reading

First Communion

Following my baptism at Pentecost, I took my first Communion on Sunday 18th. I had been looking forward to this very much, but I was also rather nervous as I had never taken Communion before! I was sitting with Carol, the Bishop’s wife, and just before we both went up I suddenly realised I had … Continue reading

Mothering Sunday

This morning my alarm somehow failed to go off, so I didn’t wake up until 10:15am – and the morning service at church starts at 10:30am. The baby and I still made it in time – just! Simon, the vicar, wasn’t there today; he is still in Devon with the family, as his mother’s funeral … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

Flickr Photos

David has been writing a book about Bitcoin and asked me to come up with something for cover art. The brief was "frightened businessman, 50s pulp style". It's not a style I've ever tried before, I must say. This is my first effort; it's not quite right, s

Colour-corrected version of my selfie.

Experimental art card foiled in red and gold.

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