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7.3 magnitude earthquake, Van, Eastern Turkey

Earlier today, about noon GMT, Turkey was struck by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake. The epicentre was about 10 miles north of the city of Van, near the lake of the same name; the region has been rocked repeatedly since then with a succession of more than 30 aftershocks, some reaching as high as 5.9 and … Continue reading

Why Fukushima will not become a second Tschernobyl

I’ve been watching events in Japan unfold with, I think, much the same sense of horror anyone viewing the footage must be feeling. I knew something massive had to have happened when I checked my email on Friday morning and saw over 30 notifications sitting in the “USGS” folder. I’m signed up to the US … Continue reading

Helping Haiti: Charities and Organisations

There are several religious charities currently co-ordinating efforts to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck yesterday: Christian Aid Compassion International Oxfam Catholic Relief Services International Orthodox Christian Charities American Friends Service Committee The Muslim charity Muslim Hands is also involved in relief efforts in Haiti. In addition, … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

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David has been writing a book about Bitcoin and asked me to come up with something for cover art. The brief was "frightened businessman, 50s pulp style". It's not a style I've ever tried before, I must say. This is my first effort; it's not quite right, s

Colour-corrected version of my selfie.

Experimental art card foiled in red and gold.

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