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Freda’s 3rd birthday

Today was Freda’s 3rd birthday! There were presents and balloons. There were toy tea parties. There was cake! I think I need to practice my fondant icing modelling skills more. The fairy came out loking decidedly deformed! Not that Freda cared, of course. I think it’s safe to assume that Freda had a very happy, … Continue reading

A Personal Update

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here of any real length, and quite a lot has happened over the past few months that I haven’t gotten around to writing about here – mainly because I was too preoccupied with what was going on at the time to actually write about it. Overall, … Continue reading

H1N1: Swine flu strikes. :-(

Not me, but my 2-year-old toddler, Freda. It started on Saturday, when she was hard to wake up and fell asleep again on me shortly after breakfast. Mother’s instinct told me she was going down with something so I cancelled that day’s plans (which had included meeting friends for a picnic and a readthrough of … Continue reading

Parental Worry

The past week’s normal routine has been thrown entirely up in the air and topsy-turvey; last Sunday Freda started vomiting, soon developing diarrhea. She’d picked up a case of viral gastroenteritis. She couldn’t keep anything down or in. It’s a good job that I’m still breastfeeding her (yes, at nearly 2 years old!) because breastmilk … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

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David has been writing a book about Bitcoin and asked me to come up with something for cover art. The brief was "frightened businessman, 50s pulp style". It's not a style I've ever tried before, I must say. This is my first effort; it's not quite right, s

Colour-corrected version of my selfie.

Experimental art card foiled in red and gold.

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