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Atheist upsets

It seems the atheist forum at RichardDawkins.net has imploded in somewhat messy fashion due to the heavy-handed management of the tech team whilst Dawkins himself was off jaunting about Australia. Peter Harrison, an ex-moderator of the forum in question, has posted an insider’s account of how “arguably the best atheist forum on the internet” was … Continue reading

News, news, news.

A rather busy day today, where it seems everything was all go, all day. David’s been on tenterhooks, waiting to hear about the job interview he had on Monday and with a phone interview with a different company scheduled for the afternoon. Distraction came in the form of a breaking news story concerning Wikipedia;  for … Continue reading

Is Mijn Schatje an Art Thief?

When does art cross the line from homage into theft and deception? That question has recently elicited an explosion of condemnation from the world of Asian Ball-Jointed Doll aficionados world-wide thanks the the actions of vector “artist”, Mijn Schatje (real name Marie Blanco Hendrickx). Schatje has made a name for herself over the past few … Continue reading

Hatemongerers in the neighbourhood? No thanks!

Oh, looky-looky; hatemongerers Westboro Baptist Church have decided to target one of our local neighbourhoods! A primary school, to be precise – despite Fred Phelps and his odious offspring being denied entrance to the UK to protest a staging of “The Laramie Project” in Basingstoke, they seem to be undeterred and have now targeted George … Continue reading

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog; a couple of weeks, in fact. Not much has really changed thus far; I’m still attending St.Mary’s each Sunday (unless ill health prevents me – and I’d have to be pretty much bedridden, at that!), and each Wednesday is LifeShapes round at the Bakers’. I … Continue reading

Visual marketing and fundamentalism

90dayjane is a blog purportedly of a woman who claims that at the end of 90 days (she’s currently on her 7th day), she’s going to kill herself – for no other reason than she’s an atheist with no real reason to live: “This blog is not a cry for help or even to get … Continue reading

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