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Facebook Page

I’ve started a new Facebook page for this blog; you can find it here. At the moment it only has selective reposts of entries from the blog, but I’m intending to use it as a place to post interesting little links & snippets that perhaps don’t quite merit a full blog post to themselves but … Continue reading

“Occupy” is not a faith movement

You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m about to get all political again. There have been a number of blog posts and news articles – such as this one by Tom Hodgkinson in the Independent – recently referring to the Occupy movement (here in the UK, at least) as being “fundamentally Christian”. OccupyLondon have posted … Continue reading

Flash Evensong

Last Wednesday I was part of something very special; something I’ve never done before, in more ways than one. Doubtless by now many readers will have seen the news reports on the news, in papers or heard on the radio that on Wednesday evening, a group of more than 30 singers congregated outside St Paul’s … Continue reading

Flashmob Evensong at St Pauls-in-the-Camp

If you live in London, you may well be aware of the Occupy London campaign which attempted to occupy Paternoster Square in front of the London Stock Exchange. Unable to get access to the square due to a last-minute injunction, they instead began demonstrating in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. Following an attempt by the … Continue reading

Why Fukushima will not become a second Tschernobyl

I’ve been watching events in Japan unfold with, I think, much the same sense of horror anyone viewing the footage must be feeling. I knew something massive had to have happened when I checked my email on Friday morning and saw over 30 notifications sitting in the “USGS” folder. I’m signed up to the US … Continue reading

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