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Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson, founder and High Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, passed away yesterday. The news has now been formally announced on the FOI mailing list by the Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise, though I heard first from friends. I feel kind of odd about it. I’ve been a member of the Fellowship of Isis for … Continue reading


Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, is a time of harvesting. It is the time when berries are ripening in the hedgerows and the first crops of wheat are ready to be harvested. In these busy modern days when fruit and vegetables are ready all year round, it is easy to lose touch with the turning … Continue reading

On being Christo-Pagan

Even as a Christian, my beliefs have always been rather on the heretical side. I don’t take the Old Testament as “gospel” truth but a bunch of hazily-connected creation myths (the Tower of Babel for instance turns up with variations in many ancient cultures, as do legends of an ancient flood; the Ark could not … Continue reading

Isaac Bonewits: 1949 – 2010

Further to my earlier post, it has now been reported that he passed on in his sleep a few hours ago. His passing was gentle; he was surrounded by his faily and friends in his last moments and departed in much love. The ADF has erected a special memorial page on their website in honour … Continue reading

Isaac Bonewits

Noted pagan author and theologian Isaac Bonewits is nearing the end of his battle with colon cancer. His wife Phaedra posted on Facebook on Monday that he is at home for the end as he had wished, and his brothers and sisters were on their way to say goodbye. Bonewits was ordained as a Neo-druid … Continue reading

Arkady Rose

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