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Reflections on Confirmation

I was Confirmed at St Mary’s in Walthamstow last month, on Sunday November 10th – Remembrance Sunday. The following is the piece I wrote for the parish magazine. I was baptised as an adult at Pentecost on Sunday, May 11th, 2008. It was the logical next step after having attended the “Just Looking” group run … Continue reading


I was Confirmed this morning at St Mary’s of Walthamstow by the Right Reverend David Hawkins, Bishop of Barking, during the Remembrance Sunday service; five years after being baptised at St Mary’s at Pentecost, 2008. I have stepped through another gate on my journey of faith.

On being Christo-Pagan

Even as a Christian, my beliefs have always been rather on the heretical side. I don’t take the Old Testament as “gospel” truth but a bunch of hazily-connected creation myths (the Tower of Babel for instance turns up with variations in many ancient cultures, as do legends of an ancient flood; the Ark could not … Continue reading

A Love Affair with the Flute

I first learned to play the flute in the first year of secondary school. At the open evening for prospective students and their parents, I’d been handed a piece of paper that had a list of musical instruments; I had to tick the one that I wanted to learn how to play. I’d learned recorder … Continue reading

Ups and downs.

It’s been a bit of a mixed up week full of stress and worry; some good news, some bad. David is still job-hunting at present, though he had two second interviews this week, one of which has led to an invitation for a third interview with HR for one of the positions. This is a … Continue reading

On the outside looking in

At the weekly session at the Bakers’ on Thursday, everyone was discussing Sunday’s ordination service. People were describing it as wonderful, uplifting, stunning, awe-inspiring and discussing how they felt. I felt as though I had missed out on something beautiful, even though I was physically present at exactly the same event as they were. It … Continue reading

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice occurred this morning at 5:45am GMT. I wasn’t at Stonehenge to see the sun rise, though apparently 36,500 people were. Nor, later in the morning, was I at church. I was at home instead. On this, the Longest Day (and thus, last night was the Shortest Night), I find myself caught between … Continue reading

Eve of Pentecost

The actual anniversary of my baptism was May 11th, but Pentecost is a little later this year; it’s tomorrow – so as of tomorrow, it will be a full Church year since the morning I was baptised. It rather looks as though the weather tomorrow will recapture that day last year; bright, sunny and warm. … Continue reading

Parental Worry

The past week’s normal routine has been thrown entirely up in the air and topsy-turvey; last Sunday Freda started vomiting, soon developing diarrhea. She’d picked up a case of viral gastroenteritis. She couldn’t keep anything down or in. It’s a good job that I’m still breastfeeding her (yes, at nearly 2 years old!) because breastmilk … Continue reading

A Dark Night

They say that the night seems darkest just before the dawn. They also say that pride comes before a fall. Time does not record who these mysterious “they” are; undoubtedly different authors in both cases, and yet the sayings persist – cliches, yes, but only because the test of time has made them so. Last … Continue reading

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