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A Child of Thatcher’s Britain

I was 4 years old when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister on the 4th of May, 1979. I was just under two months away from my 18th birthday when she was ousted from power in November 1990. I first voted in my first ever General Election in 1992, when John Major led the Conservatives back … Continue reading

“Occupy” is not a faith movement

You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m about to get all political again. There have been a number of blog posts and news articles – such as this one by Tom Hodgkinson in the Independent – recently referring to the Occupy movement (here in the UK, at least) as being “fundamentally Christian”. OccupyLondon have posted … Continue reading

Flash Evensong

Last Wednesday I was part of something very special; something I’ve never done before, in more ways than one. Doubtless by now many readers will have seen the news reports on the news, in papers or heard on the radio that on Wednesday evening, a group of more than 30 singers congregated outside St Paul’s … Continue reading

Flashmob Evensong at St Pauls-in-the-Camp

If you live in London, you may well be aware of the Occupy London campaign which attempted to occupy Paternoster Square in front of the London Stock Exchange. Unable to get access to the square due to a last-minute injunction, they instead began demonstrating in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. Following an attempt by the … Continue reading

Of Popes and Anti-popes

Plans are afoot to have the pope arrested upon arrival in the UK (see also here where Dawkins clarifies that he is not the one behind the intended arrest but he is in full support of the idea). Comparisons have been drawn with Pinochet’s arrest a few years back, but the situation isn’t quite the … Continue reading

Guardian newspaper gagged from reporting Parliament

London solicitors Carter-Ruck, who specialise in suing the media for clients (who include individuals or global corporations), have actually gagged the Guardian newspaper from reporting Parliamentary proceedings on legal grounds which appear to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the 1688 Bill of Rights. It’s apparently about the question highlighted in red, … Continue reading

Hope Not Hate

A party political broadcast on behalf of not-the-BNP … “In the upcoming elections in the UK, the far-right party the BNP are pushing for an unprecedented number of seats, and are possibly going to win some of them. They need 8% of the vote. This means that the more people that vote in the elections, … Continue reading

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