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Flash Evensong

Last Wednesday I was part of something very special; something I’ve never done before, in more ways than one. Doubtless by now many readers will have seen the news reports on the news, in papers or heard on the radio that on Wednesday evening, a group of more than 30 singers congregated outside St Paul’s … Continue reading

Miracle Maker

I’m waiting here for my life to change, When the waters stir you can rearrange me. Just one touch is all I need, I’ve nothing much but the wounds I feel, I’m looking for the hand of the miracle man. It’s easier, simpler, to believe when caught up in music. Music has always had a … Continue reading

A Dark Night

They say that the night seems darkest just before the dawn. They also say that pride comes before a fall. Time does not record who these mysterious “they” are; undoubtedly different authors in both cases, and yet the sayings persist – cliches, yes, but only because the test of time has made them so. Last … Continue reading

Praying for onesself?

I’ve been steadily building up my prayer life since Lent, to the point now where I have a regular routine of prayer. I have an hour set aside at night during which I say the Rosary then read through the Evening Office (from here), followed by prayers for other people. I keep a Prayer Journal, … Continue reading

Baptism at Pentecost

I could not have asked for a more perfect day upon which to be baptised. Pentecost dawned clear, warm and bright, and we were all up early this morning to greet the day. I couldn’t quite manage to drink my customary second cup of coffee for the nervous butterflies in my tummy which were somersaulting … Continue reading

A Decision

Following my “moment of clarity” in last Wednesday’s group, I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking. The one part of Christianity I’ve always had most difficulty with is the nature of the Trinity. God the Father and God the Son being one and the same, all one God – that I can understand and … Continue reading

A moment of clarity

Last week I felt well enough after my bout of flu to rejoin the Wednesday “Just Looking” Bible study group run by Jackie and David Baker. I’d been a bit concerned that I’d missed so many sessions that I might be a disruption to the rapport built up within the group whilst I was away, … Continue reading

Evening service

I’d not made it to the morning service this Sunday; the previous day had been the first anniversary of my ex-husband’s death. Whilst the day had not been quite as bad as I’d feared, it was draining nontheless, so I decided to go to the evening service on Sunday instead, which was Holy Communion. The … Continue reading


Every day, I’m getting more and more little signs that I made the right decision. I had another early in the morning last Saturday; I woke up from a disturbing dream in which someone I couldn’t see was trying to take my baby girl out of my arms and steal her away whilst I slept. … Continue reading

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